10 Best Texting (Messaging) And SMS Apps For Android 2018

Virtual communication has become a vital part of our world. Human beings cannot sustain without connecting socially with other people on their smartphones. Text messages have become a coherent part of humans existence. The rate at which technological advancement has taken place, the means of Communications have become most simpler and better.

Communication is something that every human has to do. Text messaging is an another level of communication that has become very popular.

So many people are texting these days. That is the reason why apps relating to text messaging and other apps have become so popular. These apps make your texting experience more better and fruitful. All these apps contain different elements that help you having a better texting experience.

Best Android Apps For Texting (Messaging) And SMS 2018

Following is the list of apps that is containing some amazing Android application. The features of these apps are different and suitable for different people with different aspirations. Here is a list of 10 apps that can help you.

  1. Android Messages

Android Messages Texting AppProvided by Google, this app is called the Android messages. it contains features that help the texting experience more better and easy. the primary feature of this app that you will be getting some light theming options. You will be getting some organisation and some backup features. This app has decent functioning and that design is extremely material.

Overall outlook of this app is nice and the app is easy to use. Google has planned some big thing for this app which includes RCS support with some other nice features.

The only drawback that this app has that it is slightly slow and this drawback is covered up in the fact that this app comes for free.

  1. Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS - Android SMS AppThis app has been always there when Android was at its beginning. This was a really good and popular third party texting app that was an Ally of Android. This app is simple. It contains multiple features that makes text messaging more easy.

Testing becomes more fun when it includes emojis. This app has multiple amazing images which can help you more in a better way of texting. Latest chance of SMS blocking.

Notifications are very quick in this app. MMS messaging as well as group messaging is also possible with this app. Android wear and push bullet support are also with this app. And when it comes to customization you get a chance of that as well.

  1. Facebook messenger

Facebook Messanger - Android Messaging AppFacebook is used by more than half of the population these days. Facebook messenger is popular because it has been launched by the Facebook app. this app is not really great but FB has made it mandatory to download this messenger in order to be able to send messages on Facebook. It is strict that if you want to text on Facebook you have to get the Messenger.

since FB has terms of users it is evident that the downloads of messengers is also necessary and will be done in great number. this app also give you the chance to enable SMS support where your SMS and your Facebook messages come together.

This is a simple way of killing two birds in one shot. SMS integration is very decent and very helpful. if you are a great user and fan of Facebook you must have this app. It is not a very convenient app though but still Facebook makes it popular.

  1. Handcent Next SMS

Handcent Next SMS App AndroidThis app came with the champ SMS. This app also came in the beginning time of the Android. This is a third party application that helps you to get text messaging easy. This app is a very powerful app that has multiple features. This include some amazing things a private texting box in order to do private conversations. Along with their you get an SMS backup.

You will be getting e-cards, emojis and a lot more. One unique feature of this app is the handcent anywhere. this feature lets you send messages to your computer or your tablet just in case if you want.

In the earlier time this had some ups and downs but now all the problems have been sorted.

  1. Mood messenger

Mood Messanger - Android Messaging AppThis is one of the recent apps. With not having a very great number of features, this app still manages to get a lot of popularity. The features that it contains are to its optimal level. its features is similar kind of chat heads that are available in the Facebook Messenger. You get customisation of your text and emojis to use.

The GIFs will be mind blowing. You will get the opportunity to share location get some more Media features. This app works online and it will not require your SMS system.

This app comes for free without any app purchase on any advertisement interrupting your work.

  1. Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS - Android SMS AppThis is one of those standard SMS app which are very common. This app supports texting from your PC, tablet as well as other devices. This app also supports dual sim services. that’s not it you will also get to Blacklist phone numbers get message backup and many more.

The best part about this and that it comes completely free. This condition only applies to the Android system. Those who wants to text from PC, Tablet and other gadgets will have to pay amount of 0. 99 dollars every month.

Those who want to get this app for a Lifetime. They will have to pay an amount of 10. 99 dollars.

  1. QKSMS

QKSMS - Quick Text Messenger, SMS App AndroidThis app has come in the error when the material design apps are very hard to get. Is a new texting app that is prominently very advanced. This as strictly sticks to the Android designing guidelines in order to have the best visual experience.

Some of the best features of this app are the themes, the night mode theme. Get the chance to indulge in group messaging and will be getting Floating Notifications.

Open source and it’s completely free to use. the in app purchases for funding the development of this app are totally optional.

  1. Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger - Messaging App For AndroidSimilar to Hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and a lot more. This app has is amazing features of doing end to end encryption. The best part about this app that it values security.

This app works on the phone number system and just in case if your contact is not having the app. This app is kind enough to send this messages on the simple SMS format.

We are really happy to see how seamless this feature is. This app has open source.

It allows group chat and also make phone calls.

  1. Textra SMS

Textra SMS App For AndroidThis is one of the solid texting app given in the list. This app seems to be amazingly stylish and is rated the best in the list. You can easily pick your theme in this app. You can get the background on the basis of your choice.

You will be getting Floating Notifications and you simply have to slide in order to delete any message. Android wear, mightytext support this app. most of the features of this app come for free there for you do not have to pay any amount for this.

There is a single in app amount that you will have to pay in order to unlock the pro version of this app.

  1. Yaata SMS

Yaata SMS - Android SMS AppThis is a coming text app that is really good. It has some amazing features that includes group chatting support. It also has schedule messaging feature and also supports MMS sending.

This app comes for free but just in case if you want this app to be used at its optimum you will have to buy the premium version. SMS blacklisting is available on this app.

It supports making backup and restoring backup in your system. whenever you buy a new device you can restore your settings and get all the data from this app easily. Material design of this app looks very amazing. It comes with all the widgets.

The chat heads of this app is similar to Facebook Messenger. You might find some words in the app but don’t take them seriously they will vanish of themselves.

Follow this list and choose the best app for yourself. Make your work easier by using these Android apps. Have a good time!