14+ Best VR Games For Google Cardboard – Best Android VR Games 2018

Some Of The Best VR games for Google Cardboard Which You Can Play On Your Android Devices

Virtual reality is the call of the day. Everyone, be it an elder or a kid, everyone is the fan of VR games. Here is a list provided by our team which will help you to choose the best VR games to play and have a good time. this list has been made after serving several people who are very well learned about VR games. After learning about the games and playing them we have come up with this list. Follow the list to know more:

  1. BAMF VR

BAMF VR - DownloadThis game tops the list. This game is a very simple one. It is just a platformer puzzle game that will help you have a good time. You will be getting to use teleportation to get used to various levels in order to collect crystals and succeed in getting into the next area. You will be provided with a full 360 degree experience with amazing graphics. the main cause of this game strictly recommend that you play this game while standing up or in a chair for the best of comfort.

The features of this game is very simple, colourful supports multiple input methods. This includes bluetooth controller as well. You will be able to play this game with your family as well.

This is a family friendly game and the best part of this game is that it is free of cost. it means that there will be no in app purchases. You can call it to be one of the best VR games that is for kids as well as for the adults.

  1. Chair in a room

Chair In A Room VR AndroidYou can call this game as a hidden items puzzle quest. This game has a very dark story line. You will be acquainted with a lot of ghosts in this game. this game is strange as well as it’s very fantastical. The fiction of this game is meticulous. It is very fun to play this game. This game also allows you to check what we are can do on the Android.

The main cause of this game suggest that a device that you are using must be a good one with better Ram and better functioning to support this game. This is a must try VR game that comes absolutely for free. Downloading and playing this game is a cost free experience that everyone would cherish.

  1. Flats

Flats VR AndroidIt refers this game has the most colourful one. This is a FPS game that has two modes of playing. you can either playing in the single player Mode all the multiplayer mode. The plot line of this game is as that you have to wander around according to a map given to you. Your task will be to kill people. You will have to use the bullet that are given to you.

These bullets will either bounds off and it would be really cool to watch that happen. You will surely need a controller in order to keep control of the game. You will also get Android TV support while playing this game. there is also a chance that you can save this game in your cloud and resume from the time in other devices.

There will be a major level of fun while playing this game. This game is not free, one will have to pay 1. 67 dollars to prepare this game. Paying search amount will will seem to be ok when you get to enjoy this game.

  1. Galaxy VR

Galaxy VR AndroidThis game will cost you 2.49 dollars but we assure you that it will be worth it. This is a Shooter game that combines aerial battling in the space zone. You will also be getting a FPS Shooter experience. This game is all about Galaxy. you will be indulging in various types of Battle in order to defeat your enemies.

The task is to defeat the opponent in the sky or at the ground. The battles take place on the ground as a SPS or in the sky as a Shooter. Get the fun of both. Just like the end space VR, the aerial Battles can directly put you in the cockpit while Massive fight.

You will be requiring to have a joystick and a minimum number of 3 push buttons to play this game properly. To get this game you will have to pay 2. 49 dollars.

  1. Minos Starfighter VR

Minos Starfighter VR AndroidThis one was one of the first real name on the Google cardboard. It is also said to be the end space VR. It’s a game where you put in a cockpit and you will be acting as a space shooter.

You will have to hit all those bad guy. Indulging in define is what is important for this game. You will be having an access to ship upgrades, scorecards as well as hardware supporting control.

You will be thrilled to see in the graphics of this game. Game has one of the most amazing graphics in the list of the VR games. It is not really an expensive game.

Just required to pay 0.99 Dollars to get this game.

You can find this game on the Google Play.

  1. Hardcore VR

Hardcore VR AndroidThis game has one of the best shooter. This game comes in the category of some of the best VR games available in the market. The story line is amazing as well. You will have a third person perspective in this game and the vision will be through the head of the player you are controlling. you will be getting a chance to play a single player mode or a multiplayer mode.

The multiplayer mode works online. the only job and that this game has is that you will require a gamepad to play it. Playing this game without a gamepad will be fruitless.

You can buy this game from the Google Play Store at 2. 49 dollars.

  1. Need for jump VR

Need For Jump VR AndroidA colorful Little game having less of Steel but more of entertainment. the player only required to run around and get some coins that will help them win the game. The directions in the game is determined by the head movements of the player. The direction you know your hair will be the direction you jump. This also allows a multiplayer mode only when played online.

This is a very simple and easy to play game where you will be not required to shoot anything. You can enjoy this game when you are bored at home and have nothing relevant to do. This game is easy on you as well as on your pocket. that’s true you can get this game for free from Google Play Store.

  1. InMind VR and InCell VR

Inmind VR And Incell VR AndroidA free of cost Arcade Shooter game. This is a game where you go beyond neural Pathways of the brain. You neutralize your brain to make it healthy. This game makes use of runner mechanics and also you will be given a predetermined part in which you can play the game. You have got the option to play it with or without the VR headset.

The choice is entirely yours and the best part is that it does not require gamepad to play this game. The game is completely free and applies no in app charges.

The developer of this game after a huge success of this game has launched another version of this game which is known as incell VR.

  1. Proton pulse

Proton Pulse Plus VR AndroidCosting you 1. 99 dollars, this game is an intense game of pong. You will find it as one of the best pong game ever you have seen. this game works on a system where your head tracking controls are put into place. This allows the player help move a paddle in the game screen by simply moving their heads.

Your primary goal is to make various objects bound to the place where they came from. The primary features of this game is that it is a very intense.

It contains some colourful graphics and terms of Amazing explosion. you will find a very futuristic theme and this game. The developer of this game has come up with another game which does not equal this game. This is a bit old but a very decent game.

  1. Trinus VR

Trinus VR AndroidThis game is not primarily a VR game but it lets you play VR games. the basic and the general idea that comes along is that you will be allowed to play PC games. Again it’s uses head tracking mechanism and it helps you to play. The game is latest train to the headset and this helps the emulation of a amazing VR experience.

This will not be an entirely VR experience but a pseudo VR experience. This will be a great experience in itself. Things might come across as a bit jumpy. Make sure you use the trial before buying this game.

This game for few a bit of amount that is why we are suggesting you this idea. You will have to pay $10 to procure this game. Before paying the amount make sure that your device supports this game.

  1. Voxel Fly VR

Voxel Fly VR AndroidThis is a VR game that gives you the thrill of run right right in your face. In this game you are required to fly in an endless City and you have to protect yourself from bangning into different obstacles. you will be consistently flying and you will be required to protect your vehicle. For a better User experience the game provides you with leaderboards online. This can help you compare yourself with other players and find out who is the best in this game.

There is a wide range of difficulty levels in this game. You will be finding a 2D mode as well. You will be getting support for gamepads and various control schemes. This is a great game which gives you a great VR experience and have amazing time.

This game is completely free but for availing better experience you can pay 3. 99 dollars and get a better User experience.

  1. VR controller

VR Controller VR AndroidThis game is directly not a VR game but it can act as a catalyst while playing some VR games. The working of this game is not very simple Like The Other VR games. You are simply required to use your old device in this controller and therefore your device will convert into a bluetooth controller. Now you can use your device as a VR game enabler.

Initially it was developed for Samsung Gear VR but later it was provided for other systems as well. Will be required to pay an amount of 3. 99 dollars. Again we suggest you that try this game before buying it so that if any mishappening occurs the money remains safe.

  1. VR space : The Last Mission

VR Space - The Last Mission AndroidThis game is all about the space combat. it is a space Arcade fruiting game which will make you an addict for sure. it emphasizes on the endless runner mechanism and you will be getting a chance of playing unlimited time.

You will be getting a difficult wave of enemies. The graphics of this game are amazing and the controls are fabulous. It support gamepad as well.

You can easily turn off the VR and played without a cardboard. Totally depends on your choice.

Price of this game is very minimal which is 0. 99 dollars.

  1. VR X-Racer

VR X Racer AndroidThis is again an infinite Runner game play. you will be given innumerable obstacles which you will be required to avoid while travelling. The entire game is about protecting yourself from the obstacles.

More you keep yourself safe mode. You will get more coins. The game is relatively simple from all the other games persisting these days. it does not give you the chance to plate with a gamepad on head tracking device as the controller.

This is a game for free and anyone can download it from the Google Play.


  1. Wrong voyage VR

Wrong Voyage VR AndroidThis is a simply hybrid between two kinds of game. It is an amalgamation of a puzzle game and a platformer. There also remains some elements of FPS in this game. you will be playing this game as someone who has discovered something very unique and strange and now your task is to find out more about it. You will have to make use of your weapon and keep yourself safe. You will be travelling to various places to solve the mystery.

This game works most on the cardboard variance along with some android powered virtual reality gaming headsets. 1 condition is that one must have a bluetooth controller in order to prepare this game and play it to the optimum. One best part of this game is that it this game is available for free. This game went so viral that the developers were forced to make more games after this one.

There are some more games but we find these ones the best. We hope that you like this list. If you have any suggestions, kindly drop a mail to us. We would love to hear from you!