5+ Best MMO Mouse For PC Gaming 2018

No matter if you play WOW or MMORPG online, you have to be sure that you are going to press some simple buttons. But the question arises should we use buttons come at the cost of your comfort?

Our team has managed to procure all the mice that are useful. Having used a lot of mouse we have come to make some strong opinion about the best Mouse. DPI as well as accuracy are most important. But it is not important as they would be in a FPS and RTS Mouse.

One of the primary things that comes up is accuracy but the most important is the FPS on the RTS Mouse.

Now the question arises which is the most important?

According to our experts, the primary thing that allows should contain is that it should be comfortable and it should have abundant of features which makes it easy to use. Also it should be lightweight enough to keep the comfort level easy. The button should be arranged in a manner that it becomes easy for everyone to use it and the users do not find it an alien process. It should be able to make sense to you and also it that it does not hurt your hands. It should be comfortable to everyone’s play style. 

Top 5+ MMO Mouse For PC Gaming In 2018

The Best Selected MMO Mouses are Listed Below..

  1. Logitech G900 and G903

Logitech G900 MMO Mouse 2018
Logitech G900 MMO Mouse 2018

Logitech tops our list because it has been chosen by a lot of MMA Gamers in this year. Most of all this is one of the most classic and standard Mouse. It is too comfortable to use and it won’t leave your hands in pain after multiple hours of work. The shape of the mouse is really comforting and it is also very attractive to be kept along with your system and played with.

Wireless Vs Corded Gaming

Second feature is that it is wireless. Any gadget that is wireless reduces the efforts of maintaining that gadget. Wireless is the call of today and the latest of Technology. there isn’t very much difference between the wireless and the college gaming Mouse. It’s just wireless one mind Hindu your comfort and cordless one would require you to charge it or keep the batteries intact which might annoy you.

What Makes Logitech G903 and G900 Something Different?

Both of them are very similar to each other. G903 comes with some additional weight. It is slightly heavy. Logitech new power play format allows wireless charging that makes the work more easy.

Another little tiny change is that both of them use Omron switches that are listed at 50 million vs The 20 million clicks of the g900. Also our experts say that they are a bit lighter.

Coming to the cost, G903 will cost you around 15 dollars more. Therefore now you have to decide which mice you want to go for. You will be getting slightest upgrade then the previous model and also you will be gifted with a wireless charging mode.

G900 optical sensor vs laser

Different from many of the MMORPG gaming Mouse available in the market the Logitech G900 makes use of a torque sensor given in the PMW3366. you will be shocked to know that it is accurate enough for FPS and RTS games. it will keep all the worry away from all the MMO Gamers. In your opinion this is overall and amazing thing but honestly it is not a deal breaker or let’s says a Maker for MMO as well as MMO Gamers.


The one very prominent thing that proposed me to go for Logitech G900 is the set of 11 usable buttons. They make use of this mechanical pivot design which one can find to be consistently very fast. Talking in the sense of the exact numbers we can say that it is not as many as the grid mice available all around us. Desert of buttons will be enough for you to make your best moves.

Talking about the pure button count, the G900 does not have a very great mice out. But this can be decently used when it comes to make use of your important schemes.

This is not it the buttons are modular as well. this is a major good news for those who have this habit of continuously misclicking.


The scrolling aspect of it is very crucial. The scroll of this Mouse is great and you will not feel any lack of comfort while using it. A set of experts called the ruler of this mouse to be the best of all. 

  1. Logitech G600 versus Razer Naga Chroma

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse For PC
Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse For PC
Razer Naga Chroma MMO Mouse For PC
Razer Naga Chroma MMO Mouse For PC

This is a difficult competition between two major and very effective mouse in the market. One is Logitech G600 and the other is Razer Naga Chroma model.

If this question would have asked in the last year and answer would have been completely in the favor of G600. The grade of this my has a great layout in which there are buttons which can be easily used. The buttons are so effective and are very too easy. The buttons are staggered of as well as staggered down in a manner where the user can feel them properly.

Also, the lack of alternative group that was present in the version of 2012. The naga one has made feel it more ergonomic.

When the raises upgrade in the naga model of 2015, both of the models are almost similar to each other. The Razer makes sure to add a mechanical pad with buttons attached to it. both of them have eliminated grapes to give them better agronomics. one commonality is that both of them use the avago a DNS 9800 sensor with a DPI of 8200. It would have been better if razor as well as Logitech would have used in optical sensor. The primary aspect is that advertising high dpi is a very important part of both of them.

It becomes a major confusion when you have to make choices between two similar things. We suggest while buying one of them one must make decisions on the basis of the price of the product.

Yes, we are absolutely means that which ever product is cheaper and feels better to you must be bought.

The Logistic one is always available online as well as offline and it cost you about$40 while the naga one is usually around $60. There is one drawback that you will not find wireless freedom in both of them but the efficiency of both the mouse is great.

  1. Roccat Tyon

Roccat Tyon MMO Mouse For PC 2018
Roccat Tyon MMO Mouse For PC 2018

Just in case if you are looking out for a wired Mouse which includes a lot of button just like a grid Mouse. This one is for you. This seems to be a more natural version and you must have a look at this Mouse.

The major feature of this Mouse is that it has 16 Programmable buttons with a very easy shifting Technology. There is button assignment software given which allows people to use a abundant options. The easy shifting Technology helps the users to make more better use of the buttons. The additional profiles given also add to the flexibility of the mouse.


The sensor of this Mouse is brilliant. It uses 8200 DPI Pro in laser sensor. No it is not a sensor as good as the Logitech g900 but still it is efficient enough for decent working.


This house is a big one. The way Rangers to approximately 128 grams. the overall outlook of this mouse does not seem to be a very grand 1. But you should keep in mind that it is not as small as the other ordinary mouses. This one is only recommended for Palm and claw gripping. If you are a person who uses a fingertip grip, we do not release a just you to buy this Mouse.

Talking about the shape of this mouse is similar to deathadder. Do the back of this specific Mouse hang a bit higher than that of the death adder. The thumb grip is extremely Deep and its comforting factor.

The design of this Mouse is it is good for all those Gamers who like a lot of buttons in their mouse. It is technically very well made, accurate and on the basis of looks it looks tremendous. The price is slightly higher than the typical grid nice that are available in the market. The belt of quality of this Mouse is great.

  1. Utech Smart Venus

Utechsmart Venus MMO Mouse For PC 2018
Utechsmart Venus MMO Mouse For PC 2018

This house has been reviewed by a lot of people and from its Outlook you cannot believe that it would be counting in the recommendation lists. This Mouse comes from a company which you have had never heard of.

This Mouse is a marker of brilliance. Comparatively it comes at a lower cost any similar to all those Mouse that are costing around $40. This Mouse is the best ranging in the similar price.


This Mouse comes with the total number of a 3 buttons which are Programmable. The great hall 12 of all the buttons. Talking off the grid, the buttons are present at a definite angle which makes it convenient for the user to locate the specific working of a button. This is definitely a plus point about this Mouse.

The software is extremely easy to use.

Weight tuning

The weight of this Mouse is 8*2.4 grams. This makes it easy to install at the button of this Mouse. The mouse has heavy starting weight of 150 ounces.

At half the cost of Tyon and a quarter of the cost of g900 this Mouse turns out to be a very budget friendly device. this is all those Gamers who prefer to play their games on a very well maintained budget. Whenever you buy this house you will be shocked to see it’s amazing performance. It also has a stellar MOBA and LOL option.

Advantages and disadvantages of grid game Mouse 

Since every gamer is different every game of choice would be different so none of the Gamers would have similar choices when it comes to the perfect Mouse. Some players would like to have a grade of 12 buttons which day was totally required while they would seem to have a mouse which will help themthey would seem to have a mouse which will help them memorize the best way and will be convenient to play with.

Putting a grid on the side like we have noticed in the Logitech and razer. Through this very fat we can come across a. That little is sacrifice in terms of Egronomics as this my hold a greater space in your hands.

Economic alternative to the grid layout

Tackle the problem of days manufacturers have come together and placed all the best Mouse of the market in place. they manage to construct a mouse which becomes an amalgamation of all the best features of all the mouse is available. The features of these nouns are well maintained.

These mice can become a very fluid option only after when you have properly trained for it. Some of the players choose simplicity on a great rather than a studded Mouse.

Which Mouse is better and which works better?

Ultimately it becomes the choice of the person who is playing the game and they have to drive which house the like the most. while buying the best Mouse one should make sure to keep the mouse and start using it and feel comfortable. do touching one is not the only solution only after sometime you come to know whether you are comfortable with that mouse or not.

More options of MMO gaming mice 

  1. Corsair scimitar

Corsair Scimitar Pro MOBA-MMO Mouse For PC
Corsair Scimitar Pro MOBA-MMO Mouse For PC

This is another good Mouse available in the market. it is a great house design with 12 mechanical optimised buttons provided on the Grid.

Customizable grid

The primary and the most appealing feature about this Mouse is that there is a mobile number grid provided on this. This is one unique feature that it has. This is one appealing features for all of those who get trouble while using the typical Mouse features arranged.

Efficient optical sensor

Just in case if you are not provided with better customization of a mouse it will not convince you that you have a good Mouse. The sensor of a mouse has to be bored for the best results. The centre of this house is very accurate and is definitely the best part of this Mouse.

Overall this Mouse is a very decent one. It does not count in the top five because it is not as popular as the other ones. But if you think that they are make sure that you comment about it in the comment section below.

  1. Logitech G700S budget wireless freedom 

Logitech G700S MMO-MOBA Mouse For PC 2018
Logitech G700S MMO-MOBA Mouse For PC 2018

As the name suggests this is a great Mouse which gives you wireless freedom. Say goodbye to all the hassle that comes with a wired Mouse. This Mouse has a very convenient placed G buttons. This is yet another classic option that you are given.

These days this Mouse is presented in a sale. Dismiss can prove to be a great alternative to a typical great Mouse and it is a good budget option for all of those who want to play on a budget. This is a very reasonable option for all of those who cannot afford Logitech g900.

Fact: does more DPI mean more rate of accuracy?

DPI and accuracy are two different concepts. Accuracy is a part of the element of sensor. the better the sensor is more is the accuracy. Accounts the surface that you are using and also how your hand works on that specific DPI you have set.

Whenever you have thought about accuracy, you should I really go for the best optical sensor.