5 Best Offline GPS And Navigation Apps For Android 2018

Best Offline GPS And Navigation Apps For Android 2018

These days we are so dependent on navigation apps. One cannot think of going out without having navigation app with them.

And of course why wouldn’t they be? Who likes to waste time in finding places when you can have the exact right direction to go to. GPS navigation apps have made life simpler and help us travel faster. You can find a number of GPS navigation apps in your Play Store. Choosing the best one could be a difficult task that is why we are here with a list that can help you with getting the best of the GPS navigation app.

Some of them work online and some online-offline both, now you don’t have to worry about maintaining a secured internet connection all the time. Offline GPS navigation apps are helpful when you are travelling. When you are travelling, there are chances that you might lose your network and therefore, do not have any access to mobile data. In this case navigation becomes impossible. Here is a list of 5 best GPS apps for android that can help you when offline.

Best Offline GPS And Navigation Apps Android 2018 [Updated]

  1. Google Maps

Google Maps For Android

Google maps is the most preferable and efficient GPS navigation application. This is the most used navigation app used all across the world. It has multiple features that are difficult to be found in one app. In Android devices, this app is already present. Google Maps is a very comprehensive option. It is great mapping software which gives extensive detailing to every factor.

You simply have to put your destination and Google Maps will take you there. It will give an estimated time in which you will reach and also the level of traffic that is present in that route. Google Maps will identify a route on the basis of the vehicle you were travelling in. Later, it gives the range of all possible routes for reaching the destination.

Its focus is not only on the roads but also, the places which you go across. It has multiple view option. Suppose you are on a road and that place suddenly gets traffic, it will automatically change to the best way possible. Live traffic update is the best feature of Google Maps. It is a great app for people who are driving because the app gives Audio instructions to the driver. That avoids the condition of distracting the driver.

When you are traveling offline, you will not be at the liberty to use every feature of Google Maps. You will require downloading the area maps in advance. Since, the internet connection is absent; you will not get live traffic updates. Google Map also allows you to store maps in your storage.

Download Google Maps For Android Here

  1. Sygic GPS navigation and maps

Sygic GPS Navigation For Android

Sygic GPS navigation and maps is a very renowned offline navigation app available on Android. This app provides high definition maps for the users from all over the world. The app keeps updating itself in order to keep up to the changes taking place on the routes. This app is free to download and it gives a 7 day trial. After this period, you will have to buy the premium version in order to get better features and traffic updates. If you don’t aspire to get the better version, you can use the basic Sygic GPS navigation and maps.

It is a voice activated GPS along with route guidance. It also has 3D mapping and imagery assistance. The best part is that you will have the option to project your navigation on the windshield of your car.

Download Sygic GPS navigation and maps Here

  1. CoPilot GPS

Copilot GPS And Navigation App Android

CoPilot GPS is specifically made keeping drivers in mind. It is made for the convenience of drivers. This is not a free app but it is worth its price. There are multiple features available in this app but you can access only a few without the premium membership.

If you don’t want to use the premium membership, you can go for using offline mapping and turn by turn navigation for 0 costs. In this version you will only get a 2D view of the maps. In the full version of CoPilot GPS, you get a variety of features. You can get a customizable route and the Alert options get open. Pedestrians also get the benefit of using this app.

There is also an option to buy packages of maps from this app. then you will have to pay a certain amount for a specific map. If you are a person who likes to travel across the world, we suggest you to buy the entire app. buying different maps for different countries will be a more expensive deal, don’t go for it. This app is more expensive than the free alternatives.

Download CoPilot GPS And Navigation App Here

  1. TomTom GO

Tom Tom GO GPS And Navigation App Android

TomTom Go is smart satellite navigation option. It is well built and very easy to use. It contains voice functionality and intelligent routing that makes it smarter. Sometimes lack of connectivity occurs and it gets difficult to use TomTom, the solution to this problem is to connect it to your smartphone. The device requires to get charged as it loses battery very easily.

In the beginning you will get free 50 miles to use. After 50 miles, you can’t have all the features including all the necessary traffic information. Later on, you will be required to pay for the upgrade. The price range differs from City to City. In order to buy TomTom go, you must specify your location so that the company can tell you the price of the app.

Download TomTom Go GPS And Navigation Here

  1. MAPS.ME

Maps.me GPS Navigation For Android

This app is specifically designed with the idea of offline functionality. This navigation app has a massive coverage of areas all around the world. It serves the purpose of business, services etc. The app is updated on a daily basis. It contains all the maps with all the changes inclusive.

This app comes for free; you will only have to deal with some advertisements while using the app.

Download Maps.me App For Android Here

These are the best offline navigation apps that you can find on the Play Store. Read the descriptions and choose the best ones for yourself.