Top 10 Video Editing Apps For Android – Best Android Video Editor Apps 2018

Video editing is one the finest skills in today’s date. There are a lot of free lancers all over the world who are earning well just by learning the skill of video editing. There are complete courses and professional degrees on video editing. Apart from this there is a huge demand of video editors all over the world and it has become a professional skill.

There is a good chance of earning a lot by just learning the skill of video editing. Hence to become a recognised video editor you must have proper tools apart from skills. There are a lot of tools available online for laptops and pc’s and the free lancers use them widely.

But you cannot carry your laptops here and there all the time. It will be absurd and awkward. So in substitute of them there are many amazing free video editing software for android supporting phones. Using these applications from the play store and other places you can become a master in video editing skills.

Hence in this blog you will find out the best video editing software available for android platform. If your phone has sufficient amount of memory and space to run the app then you will completely enjoy this. These applications are completely free of cost and you need to understand how to use their feature as mentioned in the blog.

Best Video Editor Apps On Android 2018

  1. ActionDirector Editor for Videos

Action Director Video EditorIt was initially launched for computers and laptops. It got an amazing response hence launched on android platform. It is suitable for basic video editing. You can import the clips and cut, crop or render them using this app. You may add text or any form of sound or music, animation effects, etc.

You can even adjust the speed of the audio. It can be increased in some part or slow motion in another payment.

It also supports 4K video. There are very rate apps that suggest this. You can check the compatibility of this app on your device.

This video editing software is easily available on google play store.

  1. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip For AndroidIt is the second software that comes on the mind of a editor while talking about video editing on android devices. You can auto generate videos from images that can be done automatically just by selecting.

You have to select which images you want to include and the transition speed. The video can be edited manually and there are a lot of animations, preloaded sound as well as themes available to edit the video.

Although the app speaks that the user can include his/ her own music but it is partially true as many users still find it difficult to complete this. You will have to create an Adobe Creative Cloud account.

This account is useful in syncing all the work with the Pro version of the application that is paid. However the free tool will also provide you with a lot of amazing features.

  1. FilimoraGo – Free Video Editor

Filimora Go Video editor App for androidIt is one of the most easy to use video editing app that is developed by Wondershare. The basic tasks of video editing like trimming, cropping are easily done by this group. This app is very easy to configure.

You can also play the video in reverse, play in fast forward motion or adjust the speed as you want. There is a provision in the app of creating a video from the images. You can also add sound effects to the video.

There are a lot of premium features available in the app that you can buy. These features will boost your video in many senses. Still most of the best features are completely free of cost.

You can even make videos for social media platforms like Instagram that require square videos.

  1. Funimate Video Editor

Funimate Video EditorIt is a very popular video editing tool however it is not a very powerful one. Rather it is much more advertised that it has become so much popular among the people.

However it is an amazing application for creating music videos and other related stuff from the content that you are having in your device. The app provides you with 15 video filters and you can use them in an effective way. The creation time of the video is minimal.

This app is amazing for creating cartoon videos or more. However serious videos should not be made using these filters as they completely change the meaning of the video.

App is available on play store for free. However to access some of the premium features you have to buy the subscription.

  1. KineMaster Video editor

Kinemaster Video Editor App For AndroidIt is on the top of the list as it is a very popular as well as famous tool for video editing. It is very powerful and offers the basic features of video editing in a few steps. However this tool is quite different as compared to other tools. It provides you the option to edit multiple videos, images simultaneously.

You can merge two videos together, etc. There are a lot of music filters available in the application still it is not as powerful as the desktop version of the app. In the desktop version there are various features that are free however in the android version you have to purchase them. You can use this application in a trial mode for one month.

But from next month you will have to pay a total of $4.99 to use this app. There is a trick here also. If you have multiple Google accounts, you can clear the data of the application and use the app again in the trial version with a new google account.

  1. Movie Maker Filmmaker editor for video editing

Movie Maker Film Maker App AndroidThis is one of the best free apps for video editing available on play store. You can trim, cut or resize the video. Even the video content can be reordered along with option to set focal points.

You have a lot of options in the app to customise it according to the way you want. You can create video filters of your own choice. Although the app boasts a lot about its features and all still it has faced criticism due to the comparison with the desktop version of the app.

However still it is the best video editing tools available free on the play store.

  1. Power Director – The super video editor 

Power Director Video Editor App AndroidIt is one of the best application available for video editing on the basis of features it offers. There are tons of amazing features available in the app.  There are various options like instant and quickly editing the video with small features like trim, merge and cut.

Then it has some of the best effects that can be included in the video. You can also add your own customised effects in to the video. There is a feature that supports slow motion.

You can even use a lot of images and videos to create a collage with music in the background. All these features are completely free of cost in the application.

You can explore some more tools in the app by using the premium version of the app.

  1. QUIK – The latest video editing tool

Quick Video Editor For AndroidIf you require something simple in the sense small features with no complications to use, that can be used by everyone owning the app. You can add around 60 images in the app and in return it creates a complete video film for the application.

It contains dozens of effects and styles that you can embed in to the video. The tool works very fast and does the task in a few seconds. However compared to tools above it is still ineffective on the basis of features.

Hence for short term use and basic editing and making collages this is an amazing tool.


Viva Video Editor App AndroidIt is exceptionally the most used as well as appreciated video editor in today’s date. It works best when you have very small videos to edit. There is a storyboard on which you can put the video clip, do the basic editing styles as well add video filters.

The app provides around 200 beautiful video filters, you can add text as well as create the slow motion version. However in the free version you can only edit up to certain time.

To get more time you will have to switch to the pro version that is a paid version.

  1. VideoShow

Videoshow Editor For AndroidThe video show video editor is trending nowadays for video editing. Once again the basic tasks like trimming, cutting as well as adding music can be done using this tool. It provides some amazing options like you can add emoticons as well as cute stickers in the video.

There are amazing video filters in the application that can be customised also by the user. The videos edited by this software is good for videos on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but for higher quality and big videos it is not suitable.

To use some unlocked features switch to the premiere version. This will allow you to edit apps more efficiently and boost your video editing skills.

Some tips and tricks for video editing:

  1. If you want to add filters in the video, make their size light by using adobe or more software.
  2. You can search on internet for hacks of pro versions of the application so that you need not to pay more money.
  3. You can create multiple accounts for exploring the free trial version of the application multiple times. If you use a VPN and change the addresses than you can use app many times easily.
  4. If you share the application among friends you may get free coupons to unlock more features of the app.
  5. You can register to the free lancing sites like Fiver and take orders from their site for video editing. Free lancers earn thousands of dollars daily just by using these video editing tools.

Final words:

We have mentioned all the best and trending video editing tools on internet according to the order of preference. You can explore the features well by checking them on google play store. But these are completely genuine video editing applications as they are available on play store. Do not go for apk versions of video editing that are not available on play store. Often they affect your computer and apply Trojans. Hence if you like the blog then share this among other friends and join them in video editing. If you know more tools then do mention them in the comment box. Thank you for reading and do mention which next topic you want.