Fallout 4: The Molecular Level – Build And Power Up The Signal Interceptor

Fallout 4 - The Molecular Level - Build And Power Up The Signal Interceptor

The Molecular Level quest for Fallout 4 : Learn How To Build Or Construct And Power Up The Signal Interceptor

So today once again we are here to provide you assistance in FALLOUT 4. We have already launched our previously blogs on FALLOUT tricks as well as the best DLC’s you should try. This will help you in doing the Molecular level quest and completing it with flying colours.

These are not as difficult as they are mentioned by other players but still in terms of fighting and all the violence, most of the genuine as well as the honest players are the ones who suffer in this.

And hence after searching all over the web we and doing surveys as well as the most difficult part of facing the same situation we finally came up with this blog that will help you in moving forward by the easiest ways as well as allowing you to use your precious time in other important things rather than being in the virtual world all the day.

And another important notice that if you want help in other parts of Fallout 4 then you must go through the FALLOUT 4 guide as mentioned.

The Molecular Level QUEST: Complete Guide

  1. The courser Chip:

The Courser Chip - Fallout 4
The Courser Chip – Fallout 4

Here you have to go out and travel as fast as you can to the Good Neighbour and have a conversation with Dr. Amari. Do not forget that how much she helped you in coming out of the trap of FALLOUT 4: dangerous minds. So you need to visit there and talk to her.

But do not expect that she will come out with you and assist you in your mission. The most important point is she will only advice you a link to the faction like RAILROAD.

So take this advice to complete your first task and this is the easiest one as it requires no special efforts.


Railroad HQ - Fallout 4
Railroad HQ – Fallout 4

So remember this will only work when you are done with the quest Road to Freedom because in this case you already know the Railroad. But don’t worry if you have not done this because you can easily go through the Fallout’s guide for road to freedom quest and once you are done you can come back to this page.

Once you know the rail road you need to travel as fast as you can and talk to the Tinker Tom. The better transport you take the more better it will be to complete these quest and move to the further one.

  1. Courser Chip:

So guys the next part is about the courser ship. Once you have completed the quest of road to freedom and you have driven fast over to the Rail road then it is your turn to talk to the Tinker Tom who is the superior one to analyse your chip. So guys it is so hard to earn the courser ship and once you are completed it is very important to analyse the ship to move to the next objective and hence consultation with the Tinker Tom is necessary.

  1. Returning to the Virgil:

Returning to the Virgil - Fallout 4
Returning to the Virgil – Fallout 4

Now you just need to leave the rail path and also the church that is hiding it behind. Once you are back into the street, go back to the Rocky cave that is in Virgil. Now you need to use the trick for not using too many Rads and hence wasting them so just use RAD-X.

Go inside the cave without worrying and talk to Virgil who will further give you advice as well as easy techniques to build signal interceptors by using schematics.

  1. After talking to the Virgil:

Once you are done talking to the Virgil, you need to visit your next destination. Obviously you have to reach there as fast as possible and hence you should pip-pop.

Here you will get the options for choosing for which you must go for to complete the remaining of the quest like go with the Minutemen or Railroad or Brotherhood.

We had already made good connections  at the Sanctuary, where we could talk with Preston Garvey and hence following his instructions to talk to Sturges.

So this is a complete chain that you have to follow just read from here and apply there guys.

  1. Faction Scientist

Faction Scientist - Fallout 4
Faction Scientist – Fallout 4

I hope you have chosen the faction effectively that you wanted because the scientist is completely dependent on the faction that you chose. But the important point is we had to talk to the Sturges but the only way to talk was through the scientist that was chosen by the faction that we chose.

Like if you have chosen the Rail road than you will talk to the same person as we did. So guys rest of the part will be all about learning to build Signal Intercepton in the beautiful place Sanctury but the best part is the design will not change at all even if it is been drawn from a different location.

  1. The Reflector Platform:

Fallout 4 - Fixing a bug with the Stabilized reflector platform
Fallout 4 – Fixing a bug with the Stabilized reflector platform

Now the task is to be proceeded by building the Reflector Platform after having a conversation with the Sturges. We advice you that the paragraphs mentioned here follow a certain order and you must complete the order because if you make a change in the order you might end up in having a different result and hence being not able to complete the quest. So make sure because this point is followed well.

But there is a good news also if you are not able to complete the order than you can fix it and we will make another blog for this. Once the reflector platform is built you must keep it in an open area or platform.

You need a very descent amount of space that is completely empty to do this task. Scavenging that means to find useful items in the waste are also an important part of completing the quest.

Scavenging ensures certain things that you need to have in order to complete the task. If you do not do scavenging than it becomes quite difficult to the player to complete the task as once has to purchase it from the vendors and hence using the hard earned money.

If still you do not want to perform any sort of hard work than you can easily check it from the guide how to earn and buy them in the game.

  1. Now it is the time for beam emitter:

So guys once if you have set the reflector platform you have to build the beam emitter in the direction of reflector platform. Now snapping in the right direction is very necessary. If you put it into the correct position than it is definite that it will snap in to the right spot

  1. The Relay Dish:

Fallout 4 - The Molecular Level (Minutemen) Build Control Console & Relay Dish at Sanctuary Gameplay
Fallout 4 – The Molecular Level (Minutemen) Build Control Console & Relay Dish at Sanctuary Gameplay

Now you have to maintain certain precautions in following this. You need to make it sure that both the emitter as well as the reflector are not close enough to the relay dish. But the relay dish should be put into the space where you are completing the work of building signal receptor.

Now to make sure you progress to the next level you must have the sensor module that you can get easily from the Pip-boy.

  1. The end part: building the console:

Fallout 4 - Build Molecular Beam Emitter & Control Console Ingram & Maxson
Fallout 4 – Build Molecular Beam Emitter & Control Console Ingram & Maxson

So guys you have reached the end part of making the signal receptor but you will not end here only as still there will be a lot of work to do. Once again you have to put it near the relay dish but make sure it does not snap over the other parts in the space. And this work can be done as you want in the most fanciful way you want. It is up to your creativity. However here also there will be the need for a BIOMETRIC scanner. So guys if you do not have a biometric scanner then you can once again get it from the pip-boy.

Providing power to the signal receptor: Fallout 4

So this is the part at which you must be conscious at the highest level. Because this is the place where most of the mistake is done by the player! Let me summarise first the above points:

  1. You have to place the reflector platform.
  2. Then you need to use the beam emitter snapping the reflector platform.
  3. Third part is setting up the relay dish
  4. The last one is placing the console and hence building it.

When this is all done now it is the time to supply the power! The point is you can very easily get power generators available and hence there will be three power generators but you need to play the role of an electrician to do this.

Steps to generate the power: Fallout 4

After working day and night it was really hard for us to find this glitch and hence telling this through an online platform.

  1. One of the wires has to be used to make connections between any two generators.
  2. Power pylon that too of a very large size is needed to be kept near the generators.
  3. A connection from one of the two connected generators is required with the power pylon.
  4. Beam is to be connected with this power pylon.
  5. Now place a similar power plan of large size near the unconnected generator.
  6. Once again make a connection from the isolated generator to the second power pylon.
  7. The final connections include isolated generator to the relay dish as well as the console and connect the console with the beam emitter.
  8. And you are done with the last connection with beam emitter to the relay dish.

If the connections are made correctly than it is no difficult guys to reach this level. The complete instructions must be done like this.

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Last Steps:

You will once again need to talk to the scientist as he gave you the assistance. Once he knows that you are now capable of going just go and stand on the reflector platform. And finally guys you are done with this quest for fallout and move on to the final quest.

Final Words:

So guys let me tell you one thing in the end there can be many other way of completing this quest but the technique we used has been shared here. So if you like this do share with others. And thank you for reading this guys.