Fallout 4 Factions – What Is The Best Faction On Fallout 4?

Fallout 4 factions - The Best Fallout 4 Factions Guide

Comprehensive Guide To Fallout 4 Factions – Explore The Best Faction On Fallout 4

Hello everybody! We are here with yet another article that you will definitely thank us for. This article will present to a brief but informative overview of what each faction is all about.

All you gamers out there must be really familiar with this game called Fall Out 4. If you are not aware and have reached this page, we also have a small overview about Fall Out 4.


Fall Out 4 is an action role-playing video game which has been developed by Bethesda Game Studios. It was later published by Bethesda Softworks. Being the fifth major instalment in the game series, this particular version was released worldwide in November for Playstation4, Xbox One, and for Microsoft Windows.

This game has been set in a post apocalyptic environment is taking place in Boston and the Massachusettes area “The Commonwealth”. The major plot takes place in the year 2287. In this game the player takes control of the character who is referred to as the “Sole Survivor”.

This character comes up from a very long-term cryogenic stasis in Vault 111 which is an underground nuclear shelter. After the player, the Sole Survivor witness the murder of his spouse and his son’s kidnapping, he goes out in the Commonwealth to find out and look for his missing child.

The player is then brought in to explore the game world, fulfil various quests, help out the various factions and during this earn experience points to reach up a new level and increase the abilities of their character.

ABOUT THE FACTIONS : Fallout 4 Best Factions

Coming back to what this article was originally about, we are going to focus on the different factions. In the game, Fall Out 4, the players have the opportunity to go ahead and join four different factions. These factions are namely,

This article will not only tell you about the features, characteristics and benefits of every faction, but we will also tell you which faction is the best of all the other factions.

While playing the game and through spending time in the wasteland, the players come across, discover and explore the different factions. They will then have to decide which faction they want to pledge allegiance depending on the various goals and intentions of the respective factions.

Yes, agreed that there aren’t a lot of factions to choose from, but the players will definitely have an allegiance and commonality with a particular faction in comparison to the other.

Once the player selects the faction, this will kickstart a series of events that culminate to the end of the game.

We will definitely not give you the spoilers, rather we will help the players to have an idea and understand about each and every faction so that it becomes easier for you to decide one faction that you can be a part of before you start playing the game.

Fallout 4 Factions : Learn What’s The Best Faction On Fallout 4

  1. The Minutemen Faction : Fallout 4

fallout 4 - the minutemen faction
fallout 4 – the minutemen faction

Preston Garvey is somebody you will definitely meet almost right after the game begins when you are part of the quest When Freedom Calls. Preston Garvey leads The Minutemen faction of the Commonwealth.

The Minutemen, mostly, are in a seemingly neutral position when placed in comparison to the other three factions in the game. Lacking a secret or a hidden agenda, they look forward to the opportunity to have a peaceful living in Boston and to be able to build their communities again.

After the Quincy Massacre, which was very tragic, the number of people in The Minutemen faction have reduced and they are literally willing and okay with anybody who believes in their cause and is willing to help them, be a part of their faction.

The quests of this faction are majorly about the formation of settlements. Preston’s role is to inform the player about the new settlement locations that needs to be looked at. The faction being mostly neutral, they are pretty much harmless and do not harbour any antagonistic views about the other factions.

If you do not choose this faction, there is a possibility that by the end of the game, you might be a part of this faction by the end of the game.

  1. Fallout 4 Brotherhood of Steel : Faction

Fallout 4 - Brotherhood Of Steel Faction
Fallout 4 – Brotherhood Of Steel Faction

The members of this faction, The Brotherhood of Steel is led by Elder Maxson. Their main focus is on eliminating the Synths and the Mutants. Their main motive is to protect the community the citizens of the Commonwealth by wiping out the Synths, Mutants and Ghouls and protecting them against this.

This particular factions aims to protect the Commonwealth from technology’s corruption and helps to gather all the pre war tech that they can lay their hands on.

Though led by Maxson, the player’s main connection point is mostly Paladin Danse, who is a Power Armor Clad soldier and completely abhors the Synths and Mutants and also provides the members of the faction with enough firepower and armor to kickstart the conflict.

If you believe that the Syths, Mutants and Ghouls need to be eliminated, we think, this is the best faction for you to be a part of.

  1. The Railroad Faction : Fallout 4

Fallout 4 - The Railroad Faction
Fallout 4 – The Railroad Faction

Unlike The Brotherhood of Steel, if you hold the belief that Synths also deserve an equal freedom like the others, then The Railroad is the best faction for you!

This faction is a strong believer in the fact that the Synths have an equal say and deserve the same amount of autonomy and freedom as anybody else. They are against the Synths being enslaved individuals and are always discriminated against because they are not fully developed human beings.

The Railroad faction then also becomes a faction is completely in contrast to and is in direct opposition to The Institute. The Railroad faction also has hidden headquarters and is only made available to those players who are diligent enough to resort to means so as to find the main base of all their operations.

Their secret headquarter can be found out by the players only if the follow a trail that covers the major areas of the Boston common by collecting clues and eradicating enemies while you are on the way.

Desdemona leads the Railroad faction and those who want to be a part of this faction are put through a quick trial test before you are accepted in the faction. If you agree with their ideologies and beliefs about the Synths, then this is the faction you are meant to be supporting.

  1. The Institute Faction : Fallout 4

Fallout 4 - The Institute Faction
Fallout 4 – The Institute Faction

The Railroad faction appears to be one of the most secretive factions, however, those who have played the game are aware that The Institute goes beyond their level to shroud themselves into secrecy initially. The Institute is the faction which aims to use the help of advanced technology to restore humanity to its earlier state of being.

The rest of the three factions are majorly against the Institute and its ideologies and belief system. The players and can only encounter this faction once they reach almost the end of the game, therefore we will be unable to give out too much information about the whereabouts, goals and motives of this particular faction.

All we can tell you is that the Instiute faction can go to any extent, while using their super advanced technology to restore humanity, and by humanity they only mean fully formed human beings and not the ones like Synths and are also willing to enslave the Synths if need be.

The Institute faction is led by somebody who is referred to as the ‘Father’. He attempts to recruit a player once he is made aware of the fact that you believe in the cause and have been part of other factions as well.

If this is what you believe in too, and you might have a change of heart while playing the game, this is one faction that you can side with, though you come across it once it’s nearly the end.

Please note that it is completely upon the players to decide which faction they want to acquaint themselves with and be a part of depending completely upon what they have experienced while playing the game, with each and every group.

This article is only to help the players gain some perspective before they jump in to be a part of a faction and have something to depend upon to make an informed choice while playing the game.