How To Get Free 8 Ball Pool Coins – No Hack {Legit Methods} 2018

8 Ball Pool Hack - Free Cash And Coins - Genuine methods - no human verification or survey 2018

Guide To Get Free 8 Ball Pool Coins And Pool Cash – 8 Ball Pool Hacks {Legit Methods}

Miniclip is the founder of a lot of famous game that is interesting and fun to play. These games are not very elaborate. They are short, quick and very entertaining to play. Here we are dealing with one of the famous games by the Miniclip. This game is called 8 Ball Pool. Anyone who knows about Miniclip will surely be aware of this game.

This game was released in the year 2010, and it’s been 8 years and the popularity has been very consistent. There have been several updates made and the last was made in the year 2016. To be able to play this game, you will have to make sure that you have an Adobe Flash player in your system. Many of the following of this game has gone Gaga over it. Many of the players have become an addict for this Miniclip 8 Ball Pool game.

8 Ball Pool By Miniclip : Game Information

Miniclip is one of the world’s largest gaming website which started in the year 2001. And there was a gradual gain in the popular show the time span of 18 years. By the time of 2016, Miniclip was so successful that it had crossed 1 billion downloads in the world of mobile games. It supports iOS, Android, and Windows devices as well. And about the recent stats, they have been more than 350 million increase in the downloads in past 1 year.

8 Ball Pool game in the year 2018 and it is rated amongst one of the best games provided by the Miniclip. There are other popular games like Mini militia, agario, and soccer stars. One would love to play games by Miniclip because they are super easy and very user-friendly. They do not have as such complexity. Games by Miniclip extremely simple games and that are what make 8 Ball Pool worth playing.

According to the makers of the game, when this game was designed it was not really expected to be so famous. The entire team calls this an accidentally built viral game. The growth of this game was unexpected until there was a big update in the game. After this update, the game flourished totally. Overnight it had become a famous game.

Talking about the update, this update was that an exclusive virtual currency was introduced for this game. Also, the players had started to get nationwide ranking. This system made the players more keen to play this game and be the best of the players. The game became more competitive and people have started to indulge in it more.

This virtual currency was the free 8 Ball Pool Coins. The use of the currency was that the players were supposed to be charged from the range of 50 coins to the extent of 250000 coins in order to enter the Game Room. It could be perceived as an entry fee to play the game.

This entry fee would be doubled if you will win the game. If you lose you will lose the entry fee. this was the reason why this game became a very competitive game. In order to keep the players engaged in this game, they brought up another idea that will keep them engrossed in the game. This idea was of a Cue Shop in which day introduced 39 varieties of cues of various types. This update was released in the December 2012. By the beginning of 2013, there were a huge number of players who had joined the game. The popularity of the game had gone double.

Rules And Gameplay : 8 Ball Pool

If you are already a player of the 8 Ball Pool game, then this paragraph is not much of your use. But if you are a new player, you must undergo the list given below in order to know the game better. This will help you in the better playing of the game. This is a list of just basic rules that are mandatory for a player to know before playing:

  • The primary objective of the 8 Ball Pool is too bringing your pool balls before your opponent manages to do so.
  • The 8 Blackpool ball has to go and the last. If that does not happen, it would result in the major loss.
  • If you plot the cue ball, then it will allow your opponent to move his cue call to meet his or her leisure and also it will give a need for a next turn. Therefore giving extra plot time to the player.
  • At the beginning of the game, the players are given a set of balls which they are meant to play with. Suppose if a player is given a set of a ball with stripes, he should not focus on playing with solid balls.
  • If deliberately or mistakenly, one hits a ball of a different variant. This gives the opponent the freedom to move the cue ball according to their wish.
  • If a cue ball goes along with a black 8 ball that player loses immediately. Instead of winning the player faces a loss.
  • If a player is supposed to plot the 8 black ball and hits another variant of a ball. In that case, the player loses immediately.

This was the most significant rules about the game 8 Ball Pool. You must keep that in mind while playing 8 Ball Pool. These are not very complex rules but some basic once. Once you reach a specific level of experience in the game, you will find out that the rules will have become more Complex and difficult. In those levels, players will be acquainted with the rules and regulations before entering the Game Room. The rules will be clearly written before the game starts.

How important are 8 Ball Pool coins:

Since we have written this blog to help you try to get some free Ball Pool Coins. It is necessary to come to the main point that is the 8 Ball Pool Coins. After the big update in 2012, when the pool cash was introduced and it was hurdling all over the internet. It had become very popular. Without these free 8 ball Pool cash, the game will be difficult to sustain. 

To get some pool cash for free you will have to follow the given instructions:

  1. Cities and tables

A player would be given 150 free 8 Ball Pool coins with the very first login in the game. This pool cash can be used to play until the cash ends. As you know the minimum entry fee for a table is 50 coins. You will be given the table called the Downtown London pub. And when you win you will be given the double price of the entry fee. Therefore you will be given a hundred coins in return.

One such table is called Monaco, this game table allows you to best all the money that you have. All you have to do is to when in two successive games and win the double the amount. Until one of the players wins two successive games the game will continue.

This is the option which is available online. If you don’t Aspire to play online, then you must reach for the offline option. Before going online, it is advisable for you to play in the offline mode because it helps you save the money that you can lose because of the lack of practice.

In the offline mode, there will be no gain of pool coins. In order to enter the game, you will have to pay a minimum price of 25 coins.

  1. Cue And Chat Collectibles

The only way to spend your pool cash and coins is not just playing on new table and cities. You can also spend your pool cash on the important collectibles. They play a significant part in the player’s ownership of the cues and chats. A player who is playing for the first time will be provided with a cue card for free. This cue card will be call beginner’s Cue.

Having good games in the game will help you have a great start in a match. The cue prices vary from 25 coins to 200 million coins.

The chat is more of a luxury aspect of the table. This is for the two players who are not really known to each other but now they can communicate with each other by buying the set of chats. These chats can cost you around 100K coins to 25 pool cash.

In order to play the best of the game, you must be having a set of cues and chats. These chats and cues will help you have a better experience in the game. They will let you know have more privileges.

  1. The leaderboards In The Game

With every new update of this game after 2012, this game is reaching a new top every day. This game is becoming more challenging and attractive. The players cannot help but get addicted to this game. Every player is getting more ambitious and more desperate to play and win the game. Another great update of this game is that of the squads.

The leaderboard of the game is giving titles. These titles are my League, friends, country, and the world. The players winning are added to one of the categories of this leaderboard. The winning players are awarded prizes. 

My league

  1. 100
  2. 25
  3. 10 


  1. 750
  2. 250
  3. 100 


  1. 400
  2. 200
  3. 100 


  1. 1500
  2. 750
  3. 400

This is the list of the amount earned by the winners of this game. The winners get a chance to be a part of the leaderboard and also get the amount given above. If you want to become a part of this leaderboard, start playing this game with all your might and Beat your opponent.

Try Out

If ever you have been addicted to a game, you must have faced a time when you wanted to have a shortcut to hack that could help you win the game. If you are a big fan of 8 Ball Pool then you must have tried finding a hack for this too. everyone wants to get a hack or a bypass to score some free 8 Ball Pool coins in 8 Ball Pool game.

You must have Googled hacks that help you getting Free 8 Ball Pool coins but you must have got nothing. The reason for this is that everything beyond mypost is a scam. This is just a technique used by some hackers and websites to earn some money for themselves. They might or might not harm you but they waste your time for sure. These websites instead of giving you free 8 Ball Pool coins make you feel like a survey or watch an advertisement. This helps them earn a few dollars.

Sometimes these tiny techniques bring a major loss to the users. An entire set of data vanishes in this process. In your knowledge, you will be simply trying out some methods to find some bypass to 8 Ball Pool cash, but instead, you will be giving a license to the third party to harm your privacy. This is something let me count in the Blackhat techniques of the internet.

So if you are still thinking to get a hack for the 8 Ball Pool, leave this idea because it will yield nothing. miniclip is a great organization that has experts sitting at the back of the headquarters. Make sure that no 8 ball pool hack is generated for the game and the game is played on a genuine basis.

If you want to try out something, try our site. This is one trustworthy portal to get free 8 Ball Pool cash and coins. This is tried and tested by our entire team. This is not a hack or a scam. This is not a generator that promises you of coins but gives you nothing. This is the only way out for getting free 8 Ball Pool cash by genuine methods, which actually works and listed below.

Some genuine methods of getting free 8 Ball Pool Coins

Here we are presenting a set of methods that can be used by beginners as well as Pro players as well. These are helpful to all of those who wish to get a massive number of free 8 Ball Pool Coins. 

  1. Hourly coins for free

For the mobile players, 8 Ball Pool provides 30 pool coins every hour. This seems to be a very minimum amount but if you collect it every day and every hour. You will end up getting 720 coins every day and 21600 coins every month. It is not really feasible to collect the coins every hour because 8 hours are meant to sleep. therefore we can just suggest you make the best out of the hours if you are a real fan of 8 Ball Pool.

If you actually want to get and do not wish to forget any hour, do not miss out on the hourly reminder setting.

  1. Free coins from watching videos

Videos are a great source of procuring free coins every day. On an average, there are 20 to 25 videos available every day to each of the players. now it is up to the player if he wishes to watch the video and earn free coins from it.

This is a very quick method of getting if you free coins. you can simply click on the video and leave your device to let it play. The coins will be added to your account. The videos are often of 10 seconds to 30 seconds.

Giving you a rough idea, you can get 300 free 8 Ball Pool free coins by watching 3 or 4 videos.

  1. Completing some offers

these are one of the most common and genuine ways of availing free 8 Ball Pool Coins. These are very genuine and very effective methods of getting free coins. These offers simply ask you to install some verified apps. Since these apps are provided by the game itself you can rely on it. These apps are trustworthy and no risk is associated with it. There shall be no virus disrupting your device. Once you are done with downloading of the app, you can now check that the game of yours would be having an increased number of coins.

Just in case if you do not get the cash or coins, you have a very simple remedy to it. You can easily email or report it to the game itself. Within a time span of 3 to 5 days, you will see that the coins will have been credited in your account. The best part about this method is that it is available all the time in a day. This can work on the basis of your convenience. Whenever you think you are free enough to spend time on this game. You can simply visit it, download and get free coins.

You require to add No commitment. You can install any app and get the free coins. When you think that you no longer need that app or you do not have enough space to keep that, you have the liberty to delete it. You will not be penalized for it. Get the app, get the coins and remove the app.

you can easily fetch 1 million coins at one time by completing these offers. Some of the offers give you 60000 coins in a single go. all you have to do is just to keep an eye on the offers and avail it as soon as it arrives. You can become a pool master in a night. 

  1. Request some coins from your friends

If you are acquainted with the streak system of Snapchat, you will know how it becomes a matter of habit. Is it mandatory to send a streak every day to your friend? Similarly, it is not difficult to send a request your 8 Ball Pool friends for free coins. If a friend is playing a game and you send him a request. That request shall be notified to the friend.

If your friend ignores the request, he will repeatedly be notified about the request. The pending requests shall be waiting for him all the time. This will surely annoy your friend and will be forced to help you out. There you go you will have free 8 Ball Pool Coins.

Make sure you send a request to the friends playing this game. Not the one who does not have this came or play this game. It becomes irritating for all those people who do not play the game but still are getting the request to send coins.

  1. Send free gifts

Gifts are something no one can deny to. There is a section in the game that shows who all are online in this game and also shows at what level they have reached. There will be a gift icon which will be clicked by you and that particular person will be receiving a gift.

After receiving that gift, the player will be overwhelmed and will think of returning a gift to you as well. The culture of accepting and return will help you get free 8 Ball Pool Coins.

You can call this culture to be very underrated and ignored by a lot of players. This is a Win-Win situation for both the parties involved.

Some Other Ways Of Getting Free 8 Ball Pool Coin

if you are willing to spend some works on your game then this method is for you. If you compare the number of coins that you will be getting and the price you will be paying, you will find that the cost is almost negligible.

There are a few websites that are famous for transferring coins for 8 Ball Pool. The only condition will be that there must be to 50k pool coins in your account already. You will be getting 15 Million pool coins for 4. 99 euros. This is just an example of the offers you will be getting on these websites. Make sure you eat a genuine website before doing this thing.

Scams for 8 Ball Pool free coins : 8 Ball Pool Hacks and Cheats

This game has so much popularity that a lot of players have become addicted to it. Noticing this addiction many of the opportunists have figured out methods to fool people by pretending to Cater their interest. In 8 Ball Pool, there are over 18 million players and this number has given rise to the number of scams.

Thousands of people all across the world are willing to pay the certain price for getting free coins catering with their 8 ball pool hack coins generators etc. In order to pay for the coins day feed their credit cards and debit cards details. This makes them trapped and leave them to lose a lot of dollars. If you want to pay for some coins go for some genuine sites.

Stay away from the 8 Ball Pool hack generator, no human verification cheats. Do not download any file with exe extension. They are nothing but malware files. They can make you end up having a virus in your device and destroying all your important data.Some of the example screenshots for fake 8 ball pool hack or cheats you can see below.

Some questions (FAQ’s) about 8 Ball Pool Coins

  1. What is a cue recharge

There are multiple cues in the game. Every cue has certain powers and specialty. After some number of shots, these tend to lose their power. You will have to recharge them in order to regain the strength.

  1. If you are on a mobile and another player is on a computer, is a match possible?

When this is not possible. Both of the parties must be on a similar platform in order to have a match with each other. This also brings up a good suggestion for the Miniclip company. you can also write a suggestion to them so that they can bring an update.

  1. What can be the reasons for not getting the items you have already paid for?

There are two most common reasons for this happening:

One is that there, can be just a little killing the transaction. In this case, you must wait for at least 48 hours, to let the transaction be completed. Nothing happens after that you can simply write to them.

Another reason could be connectivity issues. If you are not having good enough internet connection then this problem can arise. Make sure you do a recheck if you get a confirmation email.


In spite of all the methods mentioned above, you can get these coins by paying some cash as well. make sure you choose a genuine site before entering your card details. If you don’t wish to spend your money or put your card at risk, try these methods out. They are 100% working and there are no possibilities of the virus. They are harmless and trustworthy.

These methods that we have given you are the best ones in our knowledge. If you find any other method then do write it down below in the comment section. We would love to get suggestions from you. If you like this blog, do share it with your friends!!