Everyone dreams of becoming a successful wedding planner when they choose this field. There are a lot of things you need to do, but most important of them all is “Marketing”. As a wedding planner in UAE, you cannot expect your business to come into everyone’s eyes without letting them know. Of course you have to make a strategic plan to make worth of every penny you spend. Marketing is one of the most complex algorithms you will ever try to figure out and for that purpose, you have to follow some steps.

  • Analyze your traffic: Before you make any strategy, you need to first look where your traffic is coming from. If you have Google Analytics attached to your website, it will tell you from where your traffic is coming from. You have to make sure your posts align with your ideal clients’ platform e.g. the platform can be Instagram or Facebook. Get reviews of your top blog posts ad media posts. See how you can resonate your posts with your top audience.
  • Make a marketing plan: It is very important to understand how you want to represent yourself in front of your client. You need to understand marketing is not all about selling out your product. It is about building trust and giving value. Also that not all the people you get a call from will become your client, but the more volume you get, the more chances you will fill up your list with the right clients.
  • Market your business at places: There are a lot of websites you can market your business at. Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and wedding blogs etc. are top options. Keep in mind the best practices when using these platforms. You cannot just boost your post and expect instant success. The biggest flaw is that it is not targeted. For example, if you are a Wedding planner, you want to market to UAE audience. Also you need to learn to make ad in Facebook and Pinterest.
  • Create your content: Content is going to be your biggest tool in marketing. You may have to write, to come on videos and take photos to build up your own content. Online marketing is all about spreading your message across all over and for that purpose you need to create it first.
  • Spread you message: Before directly going to any platform, you should start with your own blog. This is the thing you can really impress someone with. Buy and domain, create your website and start blogging. Then you should use big platform to lure the audience to your platform.

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