Every job has different types of duties and their duties is what it makes them. if you are a kind of person who like to make people stop fighting then you need to know that you can become a good counselor in Dubai. For people who know how to stop a fight, this job is very easy for them because they always know a way out of things that super bad. If you are about to become a counselor and you don’t know that what you will be doing, then you have arrived at the right post because here, we will be telling you about the job duties of a counselor. Keep reading to know more;

  1. The first thing you have to do is become a neutral person. If you are thinking that what is the meaning of this then you need to know that if there a gay person coming into your clinic, you need to show them that you have zero problem with their gender preference and you are there to sort out things with them. if you are not okay with such people then we are sorry to say that you are not fit for the job because it is your first duty to become a person that doesn’t mind anything until it is not related to you regarding the client. Because you will be working with different kinds of people and you will hearing the worst kind of stories, so you need to make up your mind.
  2. The second thing you will be doing is controlling your emotions. There are different kinds of people who will visit you and they will tell you about the most horror things that happened with them and if you started to cry how will they get help. For example, if a woman comes to with a broken heart and a story to die for, it is obvious that you will get upset and you will feel for her, but this will be the time that you have to show zero emotions and still be empathic towards her in a way that she knows that you are listening and not getting stressed. Because she is hear to show you stress and not see your stress or else what is the point of it all.

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