The Best And Worst Fallout 4 DLC’s – Fallout 4 DLC Review

Fallout 4 DLCs Review
Fallout 4 DLCs Review

What is The Best Fallout 4 DLC’s – Review On Best And Worst DLC’s (Add On Contents) On Fallout 4

Hello people! So today we are again back with a post related to FALLOUT 4. I hope you have read our previous posts about FALLOUT 4 and have been benefited a lot after reading it. So today we are having a new buzzing topic that will again help you to advance in the game and enjoy it to the fullest level. Although there is a lot of confusion regarding the DLC’s in fallout 4 but guys it is genuine as everyone has a different perception and hence there is a mixed series of reviews observed. So we will today help you out by providing details and features of all the DLC’s as known till the date and which will be good in what way?

There are zillions of modes in each of the DLC but if you want to increase your wardrobe then it is worth that you give a look to this article.

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  1. Far Harbor DLC

Fallout 4 Far harbour DLC
Fallout 4 Far harbour DLC

This DLC is an amazing one guys. We suggest that it must be owned by everyone playing fallout 4. It has a good story and we can assure that one who has lost interest in playing Fallout 4 will again be completely lost in playing the game. So soon after its release when I played the game, I realised sharing this with others would be a great option.

So guys I must say that there was a time when I had completely lost the interest in playing the game. But once again I was back and firing in the game. It was to resolve the problems going on between FAR HARBOR and ACADIA as well the Children of Atom.

I had to spend my complete days thinking about what can be done to resolve this. So there were a lot of voices that were going through my head and the real task was to find which shall I go by?

Like should I go by Dima’s advice or is there a need to take the violent option of nuking the children of atom. I spent a lot of time thinking about this as well doing some building settlements.

This is one of the most awaited DLC of Fallout 4. And the reason is justified because it has such an amazing story line of creating peace between the three parties as well as going through one of the most popular characters of Fallout 4. So guys this is one of the best SCI FI backgrounds you will ever find so you must go for this. Paying for this really worth!

  1. Automatron Workshop DLC

Automatron DLC Fallout 4
Automatron DLC Fallout 4

This is also very much popular among FALLOUT 4 lovers. I am saying this because it has some of the most adventures installed in it. The best part is you can create your own robots to complete the task. You can customise them and give them features according to what you want.

At the beginning of this DLC you will come to meet a robot whose name is ADA. It tells of the sudden threats that a new mysterious robot named the Mechanist to the Commonwealth.

So your work is to save the Commonwealth from this robot. And to complete this purpose you can create your own team of robots with some of the most amazing features that nobody can even think of.

You can load these robots with a lot of ammunition, weapons as well as bombs to destroy the powerful mysterious robot. The robots you create will behave as kill bots.

So there is no bad in choosing this DLC as this also has got some of the best characters of FALLOUT 4 with a thrilling story line of SCI FI and technology.

  1. Waste Land Workshop DLC

Wasteland Workshop DLC - Fallout 4
Wasteland Workshop DLC – Fallout 4

A large part of fallout 4 is solely based on building settlements and a lot of DLC’s packs are focussed on helping you to build these settlements. So by paying limited bucks you can get the best pack that is named waste land workshop.

The first one has amazing things in its pack like newly introduced signs, beautiful decorations for wall as well as adding trucks as well as there are a lot of things to introduce in this. But if you are involved a lot in the game you can also make gardens as well as stadiums.

You can get the wildlife from the Wasteland and hence make new combinations to build new settlements. In fact this workshop will enable you to explore your creativity to its fullest. So You must go for it as it is available at a fair cost.

  1. Vault-Tec Workshop DLC

Vault-Tec DLC - Fallout 4
Vault-Tec DLC – Fallout 4

The vault Tec workshop is a bit disappointing. This is one of the worst workshops that has been ever made in FALLOUT 4. Although you can make a settlement and perform experiments there but always remember that the content is pretty much weak here making this the worst among all.

  1. Contraptions Workshop DLC

Contraptions Workshop DLC - fallout 4
Contraptions Workshop DLC – fallout 4

This is more about ammunition and weapon. There is nothing new in buying and loading weapons but it is very interesting to create your own weapons in the factory. Like for the Gauss Rifle it is one of the best workshops as you can build even better rifles than this by taking the idea. But this part is only limited about weapons so not as exciting as waste land workshop but to annoy Preston Garvey you must have this workshop added.

  1. Nuka-World DLC

Nuka-World DLC - Fallout 4
Nuka-World DLC – Fallout 4

Nuka-World is the 6th add-on for Fallout 4 and the 3rd story add-on. It was released on August 29, 2016. Its good for those who wants to be anti-minutemen and run the wasteland as a raider, it will be good. The park looks great too. But the story is little lackluster and the weapons that it brings with it aren’t good too. So in my opinion its not good DLS nor a bad. Its OK OK.


So guys we have come up with five best and worst Fallout 4 DLCs with their features and storylines. Now it is completely up to you which one you should use. If money is not a barrier you can actually go for combinations and will get better results.

But using your brain is more important to complete a task. So do share this blog with all the Fallout game lovers and make sure it reaches as far as possible. Thank you for reading this blog and do share in the comment box any opinions about this blog.